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The Math Doctor

The Math Doctor is an in-home tutoring service specializing in all levels of Math and Science.  Since 1998 our tutors have been providing private tutoring in your home, saving you time and gas.  Our tutors all have teaching experience and either are teachers or have been teachers in the past.  Primarily we tutor math from Pre-Algebra through Calculus and Statistics and science – Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.  We have, however, tutored special subjects for students.  For example we have started students with College Stats and continued thru special ecconomics and accounting courses, because they requested it.

Most of our students come to us by word of mouth and we have done very little promotion in the past, but that is about to change as Ron has gotten addicted to his video hobby and if nothing else you will see both promotional and educational videos occassionally on line, leading you to this site.



What We Do

  • Professional In-Home Math Tutoring

    We provide expert in-home tutoring in Math from the 7th and 8th grade levels to the College level

  • Professional In-Home Science Tutoring

    We also provide in-home Science Tutoring at the same levels, primarily in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

  • Specific Math or Science Questions Answered

    We also answer specific questions that are put to us through the site but we can’t write a book on these, so they need to be specifc questions that we can give a specific answer to. This sentence is an example of why you should not ask us grammer questions.


The Math Doctor specializes in Math and Science.  However there are areas of Math and Science that we excel at and are often hired by other tutoring services who don’t have the ability to deliver certain subjects.  Statistics is one such area.  We do a lot of AP Statistics and College level statistics for other services.  We also excel in chemistry.  We, of course, do an excellent job of tutoring all other levels of math and science but the above are areas where we excel.


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